Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh is a prolific trainer in audit, fraud investigation, corporate governance and personal effectiveness. Kent Hoh has wide ranging experience in leading compliance and audit functions in Asia Pacific as well as forensic investigation team globally.

Kent Hoh conducted various successful projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, etc. Several of the projects involved multi-million dollars’ scheme and made headlines locally.

Kent holds a MBA, Bachelor of Law (Hons), and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons). Kent Hoh is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). He also passed the qualifications exams of the UK Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ICSA), Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and Certified Information System Auditor (CISA).

Kent Hoh has been an active trainer for several accounting and audit associations in South East Asia. He is also a frequent speaker for several universities in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, China. Kent Hoh is currently serving as Vice President of Internal Audit in a company listed in SGX.

  • Kent Hoh conducts the following courses:

  • 1 DayAdvance Interviewing Skills for Audit and Investigation 1 DayBest Practices & Legal Aspect in Managing Internal Fraud Investigation 1 DayBest Practices in Managing Employee Fraud and Corruption Risk 1 DayBest Practices in Managing Procurement and Vendor Fraud Risk 1 Day WorkshopBest Practices in Managing Risks in Contracts and Outsourcing 1 DayBlockchain, Big Data and AI - What Accountants, Auditors and Lawyers Should Know to Stay Relevant 1 DayComplete Guide for Effective Internal Audit Manager 1 DayComplete Guide for Effective Lead Internal Auditor 1 DayCritical Thinking and Game Theory: Effective Problem Solving for IA Practitioners 1 Day WorkshopData Analytics For Fraud Detection, Prevention and Investigation 1 DayDecoding Body Language: Lead, Persuade and Negotiate with Confidence! 1 DayDecoding Corporate Rules – Your Guide to Career Success! 1 DayDecoding Deception - Lie Detection Skills for Finance, HR and Legal Practitioners! 1 DayDigital Surveillance and Field Observation for Non-Experts 1 DayDocument Examination and Contract Review in Audit and Investigation 1 DayEffective IT Audit for Non-IT Auditor 1 DayEffective Presentation Skills for IA Practitioners 1 Day WorkshopEffective Questioning Skills - Find out Anything from Anyone! 1 DayEssential Control and Compliance Practices for SME 1 DayEssential Fraud Investigation Techniques for Non-Experts 1 DayForensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Expert 0.5 DayIntroduction to Blockchain for Finance, HR and Legal Practitioners 1 DayManaging Whistleblowing Program: Legal Aspect and Best Practices 1 DayPractical Guide to Auditing China-based Ventures 1 DayReport Writing for Internal Auditors: How to Convey Assurance Effectively

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