Introduction to Blockchain for Finance, HR and Legal Practitioners

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This course covers an overview of Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as its associated risks and opportunities.


Programme Objective

You have heard about Bitcoin. You have seen the incredible rise of Bitcoin price from mere few cents to the all-time high of USD19,891 in December 2017! You also witnessed the crash of Bitcoin price to USD3,000 in 2018. Now you again see Bitcoin crossing the USD10,000 mark in the short span of just few months in 2019.

You toy the idea of investing in Bitcoin and as you don't like the feeling of missing out the band wagon. BUT you have no idea what Bitcoin is, how it works, and how to benefit from it. Not least, you have heard lots of scary story of Bitcoin scams. On one hand you want to stay away in this high-risk asset class, on the other you do not want to miss the boat in case the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency like Ethereum shoot up again.

You have also heard that Bitcoin runs on a technology called Blockchain. The Blockchain have been considered as the next big thing that will revolutionize the world, just like how the Internet did 30 years ago. Many large corporations, banks and Fintech start-ups are pouring their best mind and money to develop technologies and applications based on Blockchain. The whole ecosystem of Blockchain and the whole asset class of cryptocurrency is in the making. Even the tech giant like Facebook is launching its own digital currency Libra. And, you want to know what is blockchain to catch up with rapid technology change and stay relevant in your job.

The course will cover the fundamental aspects of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies. The course explains how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work. You will learn how to spot a bitcoin scam and understand the risk and reward of cryptocurrency investing and mining. You will gain enough knowledge to understand the architecture of blockchain, and why its encryption algorithm, trust-less decentralized consensus is powerfully secured and could make any middleperson like a bank disappear.

On completion of this program you will learn:

· Exactly how bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain work

· The security and potential threat in bitcoin and blockchain technology

· The different ways to benefit from bitcoin (mining, investing and trading)

· Risk and Opportunity in cryptocurrency investment and diversification

· How to create and protect bitcoin wallet

· How to transfer and receive fund via bitcoin wallet

· What to look out to avoid scams and extremely high-risk "get rich quick scheme"

· Discover altcoins and understand what is an ICO

· Know the real-life use cases of blockchain technology

· and many more...

Programme Outline

  1. What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

· Cryptocurrency concepts and fundamentals

· Concept of Money, Value and Trust

· Differences between e-payment and cryptocurrency

· Shifting paradigm in the world of crypto

· 10 years history of Bitcoin since 2009

· Who created Bitcoin, who is managing Bitcoin?

· Understand the power dynamic of crypto world

· Understand what Forking is

  1. How to benefit from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency safely

· Mining, investing and trading in bitcoin and cryptocurrency

· What is mining reward? Different way of mining (hosting, mining rig)

· Key concept of POW, POS, POI

· Bitcoin and Altcoin investment (Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Ripple, Neo, and thousand more)

· Understand what is ICO and how to get ahead of the crowd

· Understand the volatility of cryptocurrency trading - Evaluate your true risk tolerance

  1. Security and Risk in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

· Realizing the true risks of cryptocurrency

· Where and how to buy your first cryptocurrency - choose exchanges and brokers wisely

· Set up and protect your first Bitcoin wallet (online, mobile, hardware, paper Wallet)

· How to transfer and receive fund

· What is unspent transaction, transaction fee, confirmation time

  1. Understand the technology behind Bitcoin - Blockchain

· What is Blockchain? How does it work?

· Trust-less Decentralization Consensus

· Is Blockchain safe? Understand encryption algorithm and SHA256 hashing

· Potential security issues and attack to cryptocurrency

· What is the worst-case scenario of Crypto-world

  1. Spotting Cryptocurrency Scams

· Do and don’ts of Crypto investments

· Do honest risk profile evaluation

· Recognize crypto traps or "Get Rich Quick" scams

  1. Resources for Cryptocurrency investors

Target Audience

  • Anyone who interested to find out more on crytocurrency and blockchain

Training Methodology

Presentation and discussion

Programme Facilitator

Kent Hoh

Kent Hoh is a prolific trainer in audit, fraud investigation, corporate governance and personal effectiveness. Kent Hoh has wide ranging experience in leading compliance and audit functions in Asia Pacific as well as forensic investigation team globally.

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