About Us

PME is the abbreviation for Professionals, Managers and Executives.

PME Academy is a training and learning course-making provider where we pair up experience and qualified trainers/consultants to companies to solve their PMEs’ training needs.

At PME Academy, the founder will also be one of the Trainers/Consultants for its training programmes and consultancy services which focus on human resource management and development. Whereas, for other Trainers/Consultants, they may come from the same profession as the founder but may also be in various professions such as Finance, Tax, Law, Communications, Engineering, Risk Management, Health and Safety, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, etc. More importantly, all the trainers/consultants are carefully selected to provide the expertise they have with them.

As Singapore moves towards a knowledge-based economy, PME Academy wants to take on the employment facilitation initiative to train our PMEs with the latest know how and skills so that they can efficiently upgrade their skills and contribute to their organisation or personal career growth for themselves. In short, we believe that all our short workshops/courses that are either one day or two days would assist PMEs in their journey of continuous training and education.

Our trainers/consultants, who have clocked at least ten years of working experience and with good tertiary education, would transform what is being taught from the corporate world to real life application at the workplace. Most trainers/consultants, like our founder having worked for many years in the corporate world, choose to pass on what they have learned to all PMEs who want to remain employable in the ever changing work environment.

The PME Academy team evokes immense joy in sharing their world-class expertise with you, and we look forward to seeing you at our workshops.