Digital Marketing: Specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2 Days/ $770

This course equips participants with the essential skills to optimize a website to be search engine friendly.


Programme Objective

This Specialization in Search Engine Optimization Course is a 2-day classroom-based training and assessment. It will cover practical white hat SEO strategies you can apply to any website and bring it to the top of search engine results. You will be introduced to the principles of how search engines work and all the latest updates affecting SEO. Subsequently, we will go through a step-by-step process to optimize a website to be search engine friendly.

This SEO course will include group collaboration work and quiz to enhance your learning experience and retain knowledge.

It is not a pure theoretical course, live demonstration will be conducted on actual websites with a thorough dissect and analysis of its SEO. Learn to use this skill to your advantage and uncover competitors’ SEO strategy. After this course, you will have a different view of the search results and be competent to optimize a website.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Search • Brief history of search industry • Research & formulate a keyword strategy • Why SEO is important for business • Difference between SEO & Pay Per Click • Principles of SEO • Key terms to know in search

Module 2: Keyword Research • What are the types of keywords • Keyword research and analysis • How to find the right target keywords • Formulating a keyword strategy for any business • Individual Hands-On Work: Keyword research using online tools

Module 3: On-Site SEO • Key principles of Onsite SEO • What is the best site architecture • Choosing domain names: Myth vs Reality • Using the right URL structure • Optimizing page title tags • How to write compelling Meta description • How to optimize content for search engines • Image optimization for search • Individual Hands-on Work: Practicing Onsite SEO

Module 4: Off-Site SEO • Key principles of Offsite SEO • What are the types of links • What Google says about link building • How to build the best quality link • Where to build your links • Link building: Myth vs Reality • Avoiding pitfalls in link building • Safe link building strategy • Individual Hands-on Work: Let’s build some links!

Module 5: Local SEO • Importance of Local SEO • Optimizing website for local SEO • What is NAT? • Creating a Google Business listing • Link-building strategy for Local SEO Module 6: Mobile SEO • Importance of Mobile SEO • The types of mobile websites • Assessing website for mobile friendliness • Mobile SEO - Best Practices

Module 7: Website SEO Audit • The role of an SEO professional • Viewing a site from search engine perspective • Reviewing onsite content • Rigorous 360 SEO analysis of a website • Pinpoint the SEO strategy of a website • Group Collaboration Work: Conduct SEO Audit of Website

Module 8: Google Penalties • Introduction to different Google Penalty • How to detect Google Penalty • Recovering from a Google Penalty • Case Study: How a prominent company got its SEO wrong.

Target Audience

  • Marketers who want to add SEO skill to their portfolio.
  • Marketers/Managers who want to better manage their outsourced digital marketing works

Training Methodology

Presentation, group discussions, hands-on exercises and case studies.

Programme Facilitator


Kelvin is the principal of Emarsity, an academy which coaches Internet Marketing skills. He was a former senior digital strategist for a top SEO agency in Singapore and an experienced Internet Marketer. For 6 years, he has being providing search consultancy services to small businesses and MNCs.

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