Critical Issues In Commercial Contracts

2 Days/ $900

This Course will equip participants with an in-depth insight into commercial contracts with particular focus on the essential terms and concepts that are frequently incorporated into such contracts.


Programme Objective

Avoid costly mistakes and know how to negotiate and draft a winning commercial contract. Come and find out how to draft enforceable terms that will protect your legal position and learn how to avoid common pitfalls made in drafting commercial contracts.

  1. Provide key essential principles governing Commercial Law to facilitate effective contract negotiating and drafting
  2. Learn how to draft important Commercial Clauses to ensure adequate legal protection
  3. Understanding and effective use of boilerplate clauses
  4. Understand and appreciate the various regulatory obligations that may arise in commercial contracts

Programme Outline

  1. Formation of the agreement • Offer (distinguished from invitation to treat; understanding RFP, RFQ and tender process) • Acceptance (effect of counter offer; rules of communication) • Consideration (types; rules and exceptions)

  2. Types of contract terms • Distinguishing Conditions, warranties and representations • Innominate Terms • Effectiveness of Exclusion / Disclaimer clauses • Effectiveness of Restraint of Trade Clauses • Statutory Implied Terms

  3. Nullifying factors of the agreement • Misrepresentation • Mistake

  4. Claiming damages for direct and consequential losses • Common Law damages (remoteness and mitigation) • Statutory Damages (Sale of Goods Act) • Rules governing Liquidated Damages Clause and Deposit Clauses

  5. Equitable remedies for breach of contract • Right to Specific Performance • Right to Injunction

  6. Special consumer rights law • Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

  7. Passing of ownership • Understand when does ownership pass • Rules governing passing of ownership • Rights and legal implication of passing of ownership

  8. Transfer of title to 3rd parties • Claims of 3rd parties to goods • ‘Romalpa’ clauses

  9. Significance of acceptance and loss of right of rejection • When does a buyer lose rights of rejection

  10. Force majeure clauses • What are force majeure clause and its effects • Doctrine of Frustration and statutory effects

Target Audience

  • Contract administrators, legal managers, company directors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, business managers, business advisers, consultants, and anyone who wishes to know more about commercial contracts and its laws in Singapore.

Training Methodology

Lecture and case studies.

Available Dates: June 24 & 25 July 15 & 16 Aug 19 & 20

Programme Facilitator

David Chang

Strong academic background and an experienced training professional with a Master of Laws (LLM). Adjunct lecturer for various UK and Australia Universities and currently teaching for Murdoch University, Birmingham City University and the University of London International Programmes. Part of the international law faculty that teaches at SPEED, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Appointed Subject Matter Expert by Kaplan for Law. 22 years of lecturing and legal training on wide range of law subjects such as Law of Contract, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Marketing & Advertising Laws, Equity Trust, Employment Law, Hospitality Laws,, amongst others.

David is based in Singapore and sits as an Executive Director for several companies where he provides general legal consultancy and oversight. As Principal Trainer of Harvest Consultants Pte Ltd, he has trained and taught thousands of trainees and professionals on various legal training programmes.

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